Welcome to Laura Walker Fine Art

Come and adventure into my secret portal, a realm known by this human mind, and perhaps yours? Cross over. Explore.

May my art and words lead to a place of new awareness; to a place of possibility; a place where the Great Intelligence and Great Spirit connect every cell of life to define our individuality; a place where the Master weaves magic into our perceptions so that we can choose to find beauty, miracles, and joy even amongst our hardships.


Laura Walker riding a the winged tiger Angell over rolling green hills.

This image from my painting "Flight of Fancy" depicts a six-year-old tiger named Angell.

Some time ago I had the privilege of getting to know Angell and the honest, respectful relationship he has with his loving human friend Adam. Adam has conscientiously raised Angell since he was six days old.

Laura and Angell the tiger.

Being with Angell and experiencing him in his environment transported me to a world of heightened awareness where I felt as one with all of life.

We can all take flights of fancy where we are transformed and enriched. We can help ourselves and others to receive and treasure the gifts that are unwrapped before us each and every day.