The Work of Laura Walker

Shell pendant with mermaid.

Laura Walker's work consistently expresses her love of the mystical essence in nature and wildlife. In her work fantasy images of Goddesses, fairies and nymphs merge with traditional landscapes to joyfully express the spiritual world of nature and wildlife.

Laura creates with a variety of traditional media and non-traditional materials and she frequently combines paints, polymer clay and egg or pearl shells in a work. Laura's works are unique and the use of diverse media and materials is essential in allowing her creativity to be expressed.

In her interview, Laura describes how she will select media and materials based upon how she wants to relay an idea. Every genre or media possesses an expressive nature that becomes part of the theme and feel of a piece.

Laura's finely detailed egg shell sculptures embody her use of materials and media. These tiny tableaus combine polymer clay, rhinestones, precious stones, crystals, silver leaf, 22k gold leaf, real egg shells, wood, and stone to advocate for the quiet spirituality of nature.

Egg sculpture with racoon and landscape.

Enjoy browsing through her work, take a stroll through her shoppe, and by all means contact her to discuss her work and creative inclinations.

Rebirth: Orginal watercolor.